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Studio updates.


There was so much to be thankful for this thanksgiving! Even though my kids were sick and a clingy mess (you toddler parents get me!), I always enjoy getting to make the trip down to southern California to be with our families. This was my first time photographing in Southern California and I think I am in love - sorry NorCal! 

We have a pretty big family so I got to do a couple different shoots. The first one was with my sister and her three kids. We tried to get some cousin photos, but the clingy sick toddler situation was kind of comical. My sister's family is so sweet though. Here are a few from Day 1:



On the last day of our trip, I got to go hang out in Newport with two of my sister-in-laws and their families. We caught all the golden light and I am obsessed with their photos! I am loving this new business for so many reasons. One- I get to be home with my twins for every milestone and moment and two because I LOVE PEOPLE and I love getting to meet with each couple or family and get to know their story and capture memories that will last a lifetime. I am forever grateful to the people who have let me share in their special moments!! Here is a little glimpse into our golden hour photo shoot:


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